Our Inspectors:

Professional Real Estate Inspector Phil Farmer is a native to Texas and the DFW area. Familiar to this area he is well aware of the complexities of construction and soil conditions present. Having grown up in a family consisting of Father that owned a Residential and Commercial Construction Company and a Mother that is the Owner-Broker of a Real Estate company it is not surprising that he had the opportunity to work with many tradesmen and real estate agents. Starting as young as 13 years of age during summer breaks working as an apprentice to framers, roofers, trim carpenters, plumbers, and electricians he learned about the intricacies of construction “hands on”. In addition to the construction side of the business he learned the real estate agents side of the business by assisting in day in and out duties of real estate transactions and property management.

After attending University of Texas in Austin then working in a sales field while personally investing in Real Estate for a period of years Phil returned to the Real Estate field by attending the University of Texas in Arlington and the American Home Inspector Training Institute.

In 2003, after having successfully completed all state education and experience requirements then by passing the Texas Real Estate Commission Exam he was licensed as a Professional Real Estate Inspector. Specialty training has been completed in Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems, FEMA,, Engineered Lumber, Foundation Evaluations, Building Science, Septic Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Pool / Spa (Certified Pool Operator) and HVAC inspections. In addition the state requirements, Phil has undertaken additional training by working side by side “Master Inspector” Don Stafford a veteran of over 12,000 inspections in the DFW area. Additional license held in Pest Control (TPCL 13555, Certified Applicator 44665PT).

After the devastating hurricanes (Katrina, Wilma and Rita) on the gulf coast in 2005 Phil was contracted by FEMA and completed 479 disaster inspections in Mississippi, Florida and New Orleans.

Farmer Inspections is proud to have completed over 4500 inspections on commercial buildings, residential construction (new and existing homes) since 2004

Farmer Inspections contracted services to Krell Commercial Construction in 2006 as superintendent on commercial building projects. Most recently overseeing the completion of three commercial finish out projects in Grapevine, Southlake and Downtown Fort Worth.

In January 2008, in addition to our home and termite inspections we have been contracted to oversee the rehab of duplex project in Bedford completed in March 2008

In July 2008, WFAA (Dallas / Ft Worth ABC news affiliate) contacted Farmer Inspections as an independent source of information on leaks with gas lines. You can see the story at: Gas leak dangers arise during roof repairs

Farmer Inspections not only adheres to the Texas Real Estate Commissions Standards of Practice but goes beyond with additional training above and beyond the state requirements.

Summary of Training:

Home Inspection Training and Continuing Education

NAWT Septic System Inspection Certification Training / September 2012 / 16 hours

Business Development & Internet Marketing / May 2011 / 16 hours

Lead Inspetion & Report Writing Workshop / January 2011 / 8 hours

Bed Bug Termite Detector Dog Handler Training / January 2011 / 40 hours

New Standards of Practice  / January 2009  / 8 hours

New Construction Phase Inspections / August  2008 / 24 hours

Certified Pool Inspector / June 2008 / 4 hours

Certified Pool Operator / May 2008 / 16 hours

Report Writing  / April 2008  / 8 hours

Report Writing for the Home Inspector  / October 2007  / 8 hours

FEMA Disaster ACEIII  Advanced Training  / September 2007  / 8 hours

HVAC Issues / Inspections for the Home Inspector  / March 2007 / 8 Hours

FEMA Disaster ACEIII  Advanced Training  / August 2006  / 8 hours

Fireplaces and Chimneys  /  January 2006 / 4 hours

Texas Standards of Practice  /  January 2006 / 4 hours

Identifying Moisture Risks; Protecting the consumer as Building Systems Evolve / Jan 2006 / 8 hours

Inspecting Concrete Slab Foundations / May 2005 / 8 Hours

Pool & Spa Inspections  / August 2004 / 8 hours

FEMA Disaster ACEIII Initial Training  / October 2004  / 8 hours

Engineered Lumber  / October 2004 / 4 hours

8 Day Inspection Master Course /  2003 / 72 Hours

AHIT Inspection Master Course (UT Arlington)  /  2003 / 300 + Hours

TREC Standards of Practice / January 2003  / 4 hours

General Inspections and Report Writing / January 2003  / 4 hours


Wood  Destroying Insect Inspection & Pest Control Training

Structural Pest Management / October 2011

Termite Biology/ October 2011

Mastering Fire Ant Control / October 2011

Laws & Regulations / October 2011

Pest Control Continuing Education / October 2010

Insect Biology / Sept  2009

Science behind Termite Baiting / Sept  2009

Safety on the Job / Sept  2009

IPM Regulations  / Sept  2009

TDA & SPCS Laws Update / Oct 2008

Brown Recluse Spiders / Oct 2008

Commensal Rodent Control  / Oct 2008

Successful Termite Control w/ Baiting / Oct 2008

Termite Behavior and Transfer of Insecticides / Jan 2008

Pests Affecting Human Health / Jan 2008

It’s Not Easy Being Green / Jan 2008

Why Safety is Important  / Jan 2008

IPM of Small Mammal Pest Management  / Jan 2008

Texas Dept of Agriculture & SPCS Updates and Changes / Jan 2008

NTTS Technician Non-Commercial Applicator Training  /  April 2005

Technician Non-Commercial Applicator Training  /  March 2005

Termite Biology & Control  / September 2004

Venomous Arachnids  / September 2004

Perimeter Inspections   / September 2004

MSDS Sheets   / September 2004

Hands on Training

6/2008 Licensed as Certified Applicator in Pest Control category

11/05 -12/2005 FEMA Deployment after Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans LA / Empire LA / Plaquemines Parish

10/05 – 11/2005 FEMA Deployment after Hurricane Wilma to Lake Okeechobee and Florida Coast

9/05 – 10/2005 FEMA Deployment after Hurricane Katrina to Gulfport Mississippi, Picayune MS, Hattiesburg MS.

3/05 Licensed as Certified Applicator in Wood Destroying Insect Control category

3/05 – Completed technician apprenticeship and passed Certified Applicator exam

3/04 -3/05     Technician training (minimum of 1year), after passing Structural Pest Control Board’s technician exam

12/04 – 3/04   Pest control apprentice training (min of 90 days) After passing Structural Pest Control Board’s apprentice exam

5/03 – 7/03 – Hands on Training / Home Inspections with Master Inspector Don Stafford

TREC 7148

TPCL 13555

CA 44665PT